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extrafreshnet - FADC 2014
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    • CommentAuthorFemoral
    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2014 edited
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    Facebook Link

    FADC is back for a second year! Last year we raised over 1000 non-perishables for the denver rescue and 16 full frozen turkeys.

    Stream Link -

    Venue Address:
    8640 W Colfax Ave
    Lakewood, Colorado
    (720) 474-5211

    This year lets aim to crack 25 turkeys and 1500 cans. I know that we can do it Colorado!

    You know the tournament drill so here is the breakdowns for the event -

    Entry fee - 10 goods. (this will get you in the door)
    Per game fee - 5 goods. (each game you enter)

    Disclaimer - Because this is a charity event this does not mean that you have to enter every single game just to donate more items. for every 10 goods donated you will get a raffle ticket. so please feel free to bring as many as you want! we will be tracking everyones donates for them so you wont have to keep track yourself.



    There will be casuals and setups for other games that we will try to get in the second room at safehouse. There has been expressed interest in a P4U2 Side tourney that we will try to run if able to.

    Again this year we will have some set cash pot bonuses but at this time the value is to be determined.

    Other prizes at the event include some donated items such as capcom goodies, some beadsprite art, and other random stuff.

    Grand prize again this will will be another fightstick fully loaded courtesy of Focus attack and Foe Hammer

    Thank you to all of our Major Sponsors:
    Focus Attack Arcade Parts Superstore
    Foe Hammer Custom Joysticks
    Capcom Fighters
    Safehouse Gaming
    The Denver Rescue Mission

    And more TBA
    • CommentAuthord jones
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2014
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    bummed i missed last time, will definitely be there this year!