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extrafreshnet - Charity Event for Boston
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    • CommentAuthorLionheartX
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2013
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    Hey there everybody! I just signed up today and hope to get involved more but I wanted to take this chance to give you a heads up about a charity fighting game event that will be occurring on the 26th of April. This will be happening over at Clutch Gaming Arena on 64th and Simms in Arvada (I will have a Google map link under this wall of text). We would like to help raise money for the recent events in Boston. All money we can help raise would be going directly to the Red Cross so there will be no shady groups who wind up keeping the money. Chances are the game will be Marvel however with enough turnout and demand we could also try to get SSFIV:AE going or another game that gets the popular vote. We will be streaming this event as well and there may be a raffle if I can get something together for it. I would love to see the whole community come together for a good cause and to have fun doing something we all love which is play fighting games!

    If you can't make it for the charity event that is okay too. One other thing that Clutch is doing is a Friday Night Fight Club. Every Friday will be a weekly tournament that is open to everyone who wants to enter. The goal of these events is to help everyone get better together and level up our game. I've seen a couple of the EFL guys show up and we had fun getting some matches in (unfortunately I had to lave before a tournament could get started) feel free to stop by anytime and get some games in. I look forward to seeing more of you there!

    Clutch's Website

    Google map link to Clutch,Denver,+CO&cid=0,0,6181631581504656523&ei=u8RuUdyLD8mC2AW3tIDwBg&sqi=2&ved=0CKQBEPwSMAA